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Stonehenge glistens with magical power. A lone stag stands in the center.
Stonehenge glistens with magical power. A lone stag stands in the center.

Welcome to the
Stag Alliance

Infusing rich storytelling and unique artwork, the Stag Alliance brings a new ambience to the CNFT world.

Thousands of Stags and Does will be summoned to the Cardano blockchain by the power of the Mad Sorceress. Become one of us and join our adventure where the hunted become the hunters.


The Chosen One stag looking up at the moon with magic energy all around


In 2519 BC, the Mad Sorceress unleashed her first work on the planet Earth. She constructed a stone circle of arches with the magic of teleportation and levitation.

Watching from the moon, she blessed a herd of stags with the Magic of All the Ages, giving them intelligence, form, and artefacts from the past and future to take Earth from the humans. As the stags built their civilisation and created order amongst their ranks, the Stag Alliance was born.

The hunted became the hunters. A new dawn was upon them.

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Stag Alliance NFT in viking theme

Portal pass

The Mad Sorceress’ magic opened the mythical portals between the stone columns; a gateway to different times and worlds.

Stag Alliance Portal Passes will be minted and airdropped to valued community members and competition winners during the early stages of our project.

Discover Portal Passes


Our collection consists of over 150 hand-drawn traits generated in thousands of variations. Each combination has been carefully considered to ensure the highest quality artwork is assembled for buyer satisfaction, no-matter the rarity.

Trait previews

Tap different traits below to change the stag's appearance. Special new traits will be added before the public mint.

Stag Alliance NFT with full gearStag Alliance NFT breedStag Alliance NFT bodyStag Alliance NFT backStag Alliance NFT mouthStag Alliance NFT backgroundStag Alliance NFT earStag Alliance NFT eyesStag Alliance NFT antlersStag Alliance NFT plain


Ten stags and ten deer answered the call and their herds cheered as they were crowned kings and queens to rule the ten clans of the Alliance in prosperity.

Discover Royals

All artwork is still in development. Trait quantity and all previews shown on this website are subject to change.


Stag Alliance NFT wearing royal clothing

Ashley Crossland

Project Founder
Website Developer

Ashley has over 10 years’ experience working in the creative industry as an Art Director, Digital Designer and Project Manager. His combination of skills and passion for Web3 technologies left him eager to contribute to blockchain technology, thus the Stag Alliance was born.

He first minted a Cardano NFT in August 2021 and has been an active member of the Cardano community since then, collecting art and solving treasure hunts! The idea of creating his own project happened early in 2022, and after careful planning and consideration, took the leap of faith to start building.

Outside of his creative role he loves being a Dad, husband, running and finding pockets of time to relax.

Stag Alliance NFT with an umbrella

Jimmi Sandham

Project Founder
Lore Author

Published author and head of marketing for a multi-million pound tech company.

Jimmi works closely with Ashley as a business partner, lore author, content writer and project manager.


Rocket leaguer, data manager & trading card entrepreneur / fanatic!

Also mods for CNFT project @DeftPunkArt



Experienced mod. Movie, anime and gaming fan.

Also mods for CNFT project @HavocWorlds



Crypto analyst and reporter.

Also mods for CNFT project @ArenaPheonix



Marketing professional, Crypto and CNFT enthusiast. Enjoys spending time in the gym and is a Chelsea FC fan!



Experienced mod. In spare time enjoys basketball and reading.

Also mods for CNFT project @MeltingMoonboy



Hospital by day Discord by night, is passionate and enjoys helping others. Experienced mod who enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. Legend has it she never sleeps.



Which blockchain are you minting the Stag Alliance NFTs?

Cardano. Chosen for its sustainability, considered approach, vision and innovation.

When is the mint date?

Our estimated release date is Q1 2023.

Is this a financial investment?

No. Please only consider purchasing a Stag Alliance NFT if you would like to own the artwork. The value of Cardano, cryptocurrencies and NFTs is extremely volatile. Please carefully consider your purchase.

How many are available in the collection?

7,500 Stag Alliance NFTs.
300 Portal Passes.

Will there be a public sale?

Yes. A portion will be reserved for public sale.

Will there be rarity ranks?

Yes. We will open listing requests on and

What wallet can I use?

You can use any Cardano wallet that has browser extension and is compatible with NFTs.

Our recommended wallets are:


NEVER SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE such as Coinbase or Binance!

What’s the Stag Alliance Portal Pass policy ID?



We're here to bring to life the best storytelling and artwork in the NFT space and explore ways to inspire and captivate audiences like never before.

Vision Paper

Discover our vision, what we're building now, and teasers of things to come.

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