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Economic value

Captured by our NFTs

In creating marketable fantasy products such as books and games about the Elderworld and the Stag characters, we can gain income from sales.

This income can benefit our NFT holders in several exciting ways, pushing our value proposition far beyond other projects.

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Fantasy products create real value

Most NFT projects don’t have a marketable product. They rely on community hype, which often runs out eventually. We’ll draw value into the system with products such as print books, audio books, digital collectables, physical collectables and merch, e-books, and other income sources.

Bank of Moonstone

True passive income

If a project mints a token and gives it to their NFT holders, they’ve diluted the value capture, and attempted to create value out of thin air. That rarely ends well in the long run. It’s not true passive income.

Our NFTs can earn true income because that income comes from outside of the system, the value is created by the products. All you have to do is sign up at the Bank of Moonstone and your eligible NFTs can earn $ADA.

Gold bars

Giveaways / Marketing

Some of the income can be used to buy our NFTs from the open market for giveaways and marketing. This grows the reach of the project while also reducing the supply on the open market.

Chosen One

The income flow is captured by our NFTs

This income can be used in various ways to attribute value to our NFTs. The value created is tangible and real, it’s not superficial like a token release often is.


Gaming prizes

We can also offer epic gaming prizes for those playing the Elderworld and community games. These will be coming in 2024, so keep an eye out.


Game marketplace

You can participate in our ecosystem in various ways, such as Heroes of the Herd and earn in-game currency to buy NFTs. This bridges the value of the real world with the fantasy world. We’ll use some of our income to buy our NFTs to stock our game marketplace. This reduces the supply of the NFTs on the open market and puts demand-side pressure on the floor.


Vault Rewards

Our vault rewards have various themes, some pay $ADA, some are lottery based, and some are  filled with NFTs for our ecosystem participants to earn. These NFTs will be purchased from the open market, creating more demand.


All of these mechanisms are designed to benefit our holders, our community and the value of the NFT. They would be superficial and eventually self-defeating if value wasn’t being drawn into the system with saleable products.

Remember, economic value is just one of the types of value our NFTs capture.