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Introducing Elderworld, the Legacy: our gamified web platform

Written by
Jimmi Sandham

Make history and establish your legacy in the Elderworld

One of the most exciting things about web3 is how it can change the social, economic and political dynamics in a fantasy game world. We intend on growing the Elderworld to be as well known as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Witcher, Game of Thrones and Pokémon.

The gamified platform + blockchain mean we can engage with the Elderworld in a really tangible way and explore how value can flow between the fantasy world and the real world.

Imagine owning a rare sword in Lord of the Rings, or the Elder Wand in Harry Potter!

Stag Alliance and Portal Pass NFT holders can be the first to collect epic things in game and mint them as NFTs.

We’re exploring NFT / web3 to pioneer new frontiers in the fantasy gaming and entertainment industries.

Our gamified platform (GP) will provide a massive range of opportunities for gamers, NFT collectors and fantasy lovers to establish their legacy in the Elderworld.

Please note, our plans for the gamified platform can change at any time to benefit the community.

The Gamified Platform (GP)

We have huge ambitions to develop the Elderworld gaming experience to AAA but we have to be realistic and start simple. We’ll apply the fundamental principles of good gaming and capture and reinvest value to continually grow the ecosystem.

The platform is not a 3D game. It’ll be a visually stunning, interactive web platform with a host of fun, rewarding and valuable opportunities. The GP will connect a range of gamified elements across our ecosystem.

Ultimately, the GP is a fantasy based RPG and strategy experience where you can establish your legacy in the Elderworld

We plan to release the GP in several phases.

Phase 1: Moonstone Rising

The first release of GP focuses on collecting Stag and Portal Pass NFTs; exploring the Elderworld; and gathering, crafting, building and earning.

Assemble your squad of stags and accumulate your wealth in the Elderworld

Each stag character in your collection will add value to your wealth in the Elderworld. They’ll give you access to a range of perks and in-game actions, as well as some epic opportunities from the wider ecosystem. Read more about their first uses in the collectability and gamification article.

Portal Pass and Royal holders will get priority access to the gamified platform.

The Bank of Moonstone

Our revolutionary value model means your NFTs can earn real world value via $ADA and NFTs at the Bank of Moonstone.

The more NFTs you have, the longer you hold them for and the higher tier they are, the more Prestige (PSTG) you’ll earn. The more PSTG you earn, the more $ADA and NFTs you can earn via vault rewards.

Learn more.

Explore the Elderworld with our stunning interactive map

Gathering and crafting

  • Gather resources, refine them and craft items
  • Accumulate in-game currency
  • Level up your skills and craft or loot rare NFTs
  • Grow your wealth in the Elderworld

Currency and marketplace

  • Earn in-game currency in various ways
  • Heroes XP earns in-game currency
  • Gameplay earns currency
  • Buy in-game perks like spirit boosts
  • Buy NFTs with real world value

Quests, achievements and becoming a legend

Certain achievements in-game mean your character can become a canonised legend outside the game. Players with the most PSTG and best in-game achievements will have their NFTs featured in our marketing and products, such as books.


Spirit represents your magical and physical energy. The more spirit you have, the more you can attempt and achieve in the game.

The Royal Courts

Leaders in the community can make proposals for improvements and features and you can vote on them at the Royal Courts. The more PSTG you have, the stronger your influence.

NFT holders get exclusive access

The GP will only be available to our Portal Pass and Stag NFT holders to begin with. Depending on the types of NFT you have, you’ll get extra opportunities and powers. Learn more about these in our collectability and gamification article.

By being early to the game, you can collect limited edition NFTs that won’t be available once we open it to the public. You’re early, and it’s a great opportunity to get digital collectables that can be highly desired as the Elderworld grows.

Remember, we’re establishing the Elderworld with more than just a game. We’re going to create a whole range of attractive products.

The future: GP2, GP3 and beyond

We currently plan for GP2 to relate to combat and battle, and we’re very keen to include coop and multiplayer style game modes where you can form alliances with other players.

GP3 is currently planned to involve conjuring magic in the game.

The final outcomes will depend on many factors, especially community feedback.