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Ecosystem value

NFTs that capture the value of our entire ecosystem, with plenty of priceless perks

Our revolutionary web3 fantasy ecosystem consists of an epic community, gamification, and collectable and consumable products. Our NFTs give access and benefits across the entire ecosystem, capturing as much value as possible.

Vote and shape the ecosystem

NFT holders can have their voice heard in our community, voting on project direction, storylines, gaming features, community initiatives and much more.

Earn Prestige (PSTG)

NFT holders can earn PSTG and gain all the benefits granted to those with higher prestige.


Earn and win NFTs and other prizes

Holders have opportunities to earn and win NFTs and other prizes in community competitions, gaming events and more.

Premium in-game features

Our NFT holders get first access to our game releases and premium gaming features.

Priority community perks

Access exclusive Discord channels, join community events, and more.

Real world earnings

Our NFTs can earn income from our sales of products in the real world. This is an epic economic value capture most NFT projects don’t offer.

Priority access to fantasy collectibles and other products

Ever wanted to get your hands on a first edition hard cover of what might become the next worldwide fantasy bestseller? Our NFT holders will get priority access to these opportunities as we release our books and other products.

Free products

Once our ecosystem is thriving economically with epic products, we can award our NFT holders with free products such as books, e-books, gaming, events and more.

Exclusive partner and WL opportunities

We endeavour to partner with the best projects and companies in the space and our NFT holders can get exclusive access to opportunities we create with our partners, including whitelisting.

All of these mechanisms are designed to benefit our holders, our community and the value of the NFT. They would be superficial and eventually self-defeating if value wasn’t being drawn into the system with saleable products.

Remember, ecosystem value is just one of the types of value our NFTs capture.