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Stake your NFTs and earn Prestige (PSTG)

Earn Prestige (PSTG) for epic rewards

Prestige (PSTG) is our gamified off-chain points system for rewarding loyal NFT holders. The system has been developed by an expert game economist to make it attractive to holders of all levels to buy and hold their NFTs for epic rewards, while also encouraging trading of NFTs to ensure a healthy ecosystem.

The benefits you can gain with PSTG are unrivalled in the NFT space.

The Bank of Moonstone Vault

You can earn PSTG by staking your NFT at the Bank of Moonstone (coming in Q1 2024).

For the full mathematical model, read here. This page covers the concepts.

Bank of Moonstone

$ADA Earnings at the Bank of Moonstone

We plan to stock vaults at the Bank of Moonstone with $ADA and NFTs earned through sales of our fantasy products. The more PSTG you have at the end of the season, the more $ADA and NFTs you can earn. This can significantly increase the economic value of your NFT.


Voting at the Royal Courts

Your PSTG score determines your weighting in opinion polls that help us shape the project. The more PSTG you have, the more influence you have. This can significantly increase the community and social value of your NFT.


Exclusive access to prized collectables

The more PSTG you have, the more likely you are to get first access to our most prized products and collectables. Ever wanted to get your hands on a first edition signed copy of a fantasy bestseller? Now you have a chance! This can significantly increase the ecosystem value of your NFTs.


Your NFTs can become legends

Our NFTs are digital collectables. The more they’re seen, the more value they can capture. The more PSTG you have, the more likely your NFTs are to feature in our marketing and products, e.g., books! This can significantly increase the collectable value of your NFT.


Free products and other opportunities

As our ecosystem grows we can offer free products and opportunities to those with the most PSTG. It’s great to reward long-term, loyal holders. The higher your prestige, the more you deserve. This can significantly increase the ecosystem and economic value of your NFTs.

The higher your NFT tier, the more PSTG it earns

NFTs are split into tiers according to various factors including rarity. The higher the tier, the more base PSTG the NFT earns, which is awarded daily at the Bank of Moonstone. Your total PSTG at the end of the season determines the benefits you get. There are ways to boost your PSTG, too.

Stag Alliance Staking Rewards
Promise staking

Double your earnings with promise staking

Make a promise stake and keep it to get up to 2x your base PSTG. There are various types of promise stake, and the longer you promise for, the more you get. Careful, though. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep, because you’ll lose PSTG if you break the promise.

Increase your earnings with seasonal combo bonuses

Each season, there’ll be new collection bonuses to increase your earnings! These can relate to our Discord roles or brand new collection combinations.

Got a Citizen? Add a Knight and achieve ‘Squire’ collection bonus. Now you’ll earn PSTG for your Citizen, your Knight, and a seasonal combo bonus!

These combinations can take many forms and are designed to reward people who collect and hold a range of NFTs during a season, as well as those who have taken time to create an epic collection.

Combo PSTG

Vision Paper

Read our Vision Paper to learn how our NFTs are changing the game: True passive income, ecosystem benefits, community, and collectability, all turbocharged with gamification.