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What’s coming in 2024!

Fantasy novels
High quality fantasy literature about Stag Alliance characters and Elderworld
  • Print books
  • Audio
  • E-books
  • NFT (
  • Collectable hardcovers
Enter the Portal
Quest for rare NFTS and in-game items
Fantasy game: Elderworld,
the Legacy
Establish your legacy in the Elderworld
  • Collect real world earnings from the Bank of Moonstone
  • Gather resources, craft items, mint rare NFTs, and battle for prizes
  • Our NFTs bridge game-world fantasy value with real world value
  • Continual expansion of game
  • Earn credits and buy NFTs
Community growth
Expanding the Elderworld audience to attract web2 sales
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • More
our social gamification
Heroes of the Herd
  • Empowering our community to create more value with us socially
  • Engage with us to earn credits and buy NFTs that have real world value
  • Improve your wealth in the Elderworld
The Royal Courts - Voting on project direction
  • Holders can vote to influence project direction
  • Make suggestions for project improvement
In-game currency and marketplace
  • Earn in-game currency in various ways spend it on things like
  • NFTs with real world value!
  • In-game items and boosts
  • Prestige multipliers at the Bank of Moonstone
Exciting new developments that we can’t disclose yet