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Stag Alliance lore summary

For those who prefer not to read long prose.


The Magic of All the Ages

2519 BC

A Mad Sorceress unleashes an experiment on a planet strange and new to her, Earth. She had assembled a mighty Stone Circle of rock arches that had absorbed the magic of the Earth.

A deer wanders into the circle and the first strike of magic transforms it into a humanoid form. The Chosen One.

Thousands more deer are transformed through the arches and blessed with the Magic of All the Ages; each deer has artifacts from different times and different worlds. Weapons, fashion, technology, treasures, and other curious things from the past and future.


Moonstone Rising

The Chosen One recognises the power the Mad Sorceress has given them, and he takes the lead in creating order amongst the deer.

Ten stags and ten deer are crowned kings and queens.

The Magic of All the Ages had given the deer skills and tools to form an advanced society.  

The society is split into five factions: Makers, Knights, Politicals, Conjurers, and diverse and vibrant Citizens.

With this order, the Alliance is formed.

One night, humans attack the camp, but the Alliance’s advanced weapons, magic and beastly strength are enough to win the battle.

The Chosen One forms a Royal Council to lead the Alliance in building a grand settlement around the Stone Circle, with sturdy defences.

The settlement is named Moonstone.  


The Siege of Moonstone

The council disagrees on whether to negotiate for peace or not. The Chosen One and King Wisdom advocate for peace, whereas Queen Ferocity wants war.  

King Courage leads the negotiations. The human king, Aryl, demands the deer renounce their magic or be destroyed. Queen Ferocity tries to slash King Aryl's neck, but the King’s Seer stops her with a magical force.

A fierce battle is fought at Moonstone’s walls. The Alliance win, but The Chosen One is disgusted at all the unnecessary bloodshed.

The Alliance are trapped within their walls and become restless and there are more arguments between the Royals. The Chosen One and King Wisdom sneak out of Moonstone to negotiate with the humans, but the humans’ demands are too much.

King Courage leads an attack on the human camps and sends them into retreat, ending the Siege of Moonstone.


The Magic of Moonstone

Queen Ferocity takes an army to demand land and tribute from the humans. They come back bloodied and victorious.

The Chosen One asks the war-hungry clans to put down their weapons, but they force him into exile and take control of Moonstone.

In exile, The Chosen One discovers he has strong magical powers and can form bonds with other animals. He creates a clan of wolves, bears, birds, and more beasts that are drawn to him.

The Chosen One asks the Mad Sorceress for help fixing the chaos the Alliance is causing. She hasn’t got enough power, so she asks for the help of Modius. Modius wants to eradicate the Alliance so the humans can go back to living normally.  

The Mad Sorceress begs Modius not to eradicate the Alliance, and Modius decides they might be better suited to another place, the Elderworld. It will take more magic than both sorcerers have combined, so the Alliance must help them amplify the magic.

The Chosen One and King Wisdom form a rebellion with dissidents inside Moonstone and call it the Chosen Army. They take Moonstone back and begin gathering lorestones and practicing magic to help Modius take them to the Elderworld.

Ferocunn leaves to continue their war against the humans.

Modius begins the magic to take the Alliance to the Elderworld, and Ferocunn returns with a human army. Queen Ferocity claims the humans are there to help them, not to fight.