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Lore part 4

The Magic of Moonstone

Listen to the narrated lore.

Deerkind celebrated their victory over the humans with day upon day of colourful festivities of music, laughter, delicious foods and delightful drinks.

The rift that had been created between the clans seemed to have been forgotten, and all seemed well for every deer in Moonstone. Except for The Chosen One.

Poisoned words seeped through the streets. The Chosen One is nothing special at all. He does not believe in the power of the Alliance. He does not stand for deerkind. The Chosen One knows not what is best for us.

The whispers had no doubt been planted by Queen Ferocity and King Cunning, and there was nothing The Chosen One could do about it, and despite knowing deep down that it was all lies, he began to question himself even more. Maybe they are right. There is nothing special about me. I am not strong in magic like the Conjurers, and I am not suited to battle like the Knights. I cannot craft like a Maker. Sure, I might have had some potential for politics, but that has not gone so well and there are many Politicals better suited to politics than I am. The more he thought about himself in this way, the more withdrawn The Chosen One became.

Once the festivities had ended, the council met to discuss the future of the Alliance. Queen Ferocity took the lead. She said, “Ferocunn, Thelessious, Tonire and Courience will pursue the humans who attacked us, and we will demand they bend the knee to the Alliance. We will also demand they share their land. There will be peace so long as they do so. Any clan who wishes to join us in enforcing this peace is most welcome.” She paused and stiffened. “However, those who disagree, do not try to dissuade us. Our minds are already made. We will not waste the magic we have been blessed with.”

The Chosen One wanted to speak out, but he had lost his confidence and said nothing.

King Wisdom said, “I will not try to stop you, but I will warn you of the consequences of what you are about to do. Greed will infect the Alliance like a plague, and there will be no end to this until the whole world of humans burns or the Alliance is destroyed.”

Many Politicals and Royals nodded in agreement with Wisdom’s words, but none spoke up.


Queen Ferocity’s army returned bloodied yet victorious, with a loot of glistening treasures bulging out of wooden chests.

At the next council meeting, The Chosen One plucked up the courage to say, “Now that you have taken enough land and riches from the humans, can we put down our weapons?”

“There are matters of which you have demonstrated a clear lack of understanding, Chosen One,” Ferocity said. “Perhaps you should save your breath.”

King Cunning swooped in and said, charmingly, “The Chosen One should not be burdened with matters of the council any longer. He was instrumental in uniting the clans and building Moonstone. Is that not enough? I propose we relieve him of these matters and let him live a life of enjoyment and leisure. It is the least the Alliance could do to honour his exceptional contributions.”  

King Cunning began to applaud The Chosen One. The council clapped and cheered, and as their celebrating and congratulating quietened, they all looked at The Chosen One for an answer.

He had become too timid to speak his mind and he simply said, “Thank you,” and he walked out of the Royal Court to the sounds of further applause and cheering. Everything felt slow and strange, and he wandered out of Moonstone into the Wildwood of nattering wildlife, rustling trees and vibrant shrubbery. And beyond, to lands unknown.


The Chosen One did not return to Moonstone. He lived a simple, natural life, in solitude, for a long time, feeling as if the Alliance had forgotten him.

One day, he was napping at the trunk of a tree and his dreams were filled with places and characters from strange times, as if the Magic of All the Ages had also implanted memories from all the ages in his mind. Giant creatures made of metal were chasing him and the deer of the Alliance across the land and thunderous rocks exploded on the ground all around him. He woke with a heavy heartbeat, shaking.

I failed them, he said to the Mad Sorceress.

We create our own destiny, she whispered. Look out.

A wolf with piercing eyes and giant teeth approached The Chosen One, its drooling saliva glistening with a hint of red against the sunrise, a low growl. Too close for The Chosen One to run. He backed against the tree. There were no low branches to climb. He was doomed.

“Food,” the wolf said, creeping closer.

The Chosen One was frozen. He didn’t have the energy or hope to run or scream, nothing.

Your destiny, The Mad Sorceress whispered.

The wolf pounced.

“No more!” The Chosen One roared, stomping his foot; the ground rumbled, and the wolf bounced away, taken by an invisible force.

The wolf rolled uncontrolled across the ground and whimpered as it found its feet. “Strong. Head of pack, forgive me,” it said.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” The Chosen One said.

“Willow made a mistake. Willow attacked head of pack, deserves hurt.”

“No, no creature deserves hurt,” The Chosen One said. “When I was young in this form, I thought we should fight the humans and distribute the land between the stags. How wrong I was.”

The wolf looked at him blankly.

Knowing the wolf was no longer a threat, The Chosen One walked on.

“With head of pack,” the wolf said, following him, and it howled wildly. Wolves howled back from across the land. They howled and they howled and appeared from all over, following The Chosen One toward his destiny.

It started with wolves, and then there were bears and horses and birds, and many others. The Chosen One helped them all get along, and his new clan lived together in harmony, and he was happy not to be alone.

Destiny, The Mad Sorceress said. The Anaekin bond will become stronger.


The bond did indeed become stronger. Before long, The Chosen One began communicating with all the creatures in his clan using his mind. One day, he was relaxing on a hill, feeling the gentle warmth of the sun. He found himself amused by the idea that the Harsh Hillands were not so harsh when bonded with a clan of wolves and more.  

Willow said, One like you is coming. We protect?

The Chosen One sniffed the air and sensed King Wisdom. He’s a friend. Let him through.

“My friend, I have missed you,” the King said. “The clans have rampaged countless human settlements, and they intend on taking ships and conquering the world.”

“Why have you come to tell me this?” The Chosen One said.

“You are the Chosen One, and you must believe in your destiny. You are the only one who can speak to the Mad Sorceress, and now look at the great clan you have. You are the only one who can help us.”

“I have no place in the Alliance, and I am happy here,” The Chosen One said, looking around at his clan and the beautiful scenery of the hills.

“I fear once they recognise your newfound strength, they will come for you and you will see war once again,” King Wisdom said. “You must speak to the Mad Sorceress, ask her to help us. You must believe in yourself.”

“She will not listen to me.”

“As your king, I command you to try,” King Wisdom spoke with a new fire in his voice.

The Chosen One sighed. Indeed, there would only be war until the war-hungry clans were stopped, and he would rather there was a peaceful solution to that end. And in his mind, he said, You have caused too much havoc with our world, I beg you to come and fix it.

To his surprise, the Mad Sorceress appeared as a shabby white owl swooping from the sky. She landed in a way that lacked the usual grace of an owl. “Yes, yes, too much destruction, I did not expect things to go this way,” she laughed. “And now, I cannot reverse it.” She laughed some more.

“There must be something you can do,” King Wisdom said. “Look at the power in your sorcery.” The hill was teaming with wildlife, all bonded with The Chosen One, all because of the powers the Mad Sorceress had unleashed.

“It is often easier to lose control than to gain it,” she said. “There is one who could help, and I fear to summon him, for your sake more than mine.”

“If he has the power to end this, then so be it, at whatever cost to us,” The Chosen One said. “There should be no more chaos.”

The Mad Sorceress laughed and laughed, and she flew out of sight.

Moments later, an owl and an eagle fell, tumbling in the air, swirling and rolling with rhythmic movements. Exploding into a wild scrap. Swooping and swerving and exploding again. The two sorcerers were battling, and strange, deep whispers came and went with the wind that lifted and pushed and tugged at the leaves and shook the trees with heavy, deep, unknown forces.

The birds hit the ground and transfigured into human forms. The Mad Sorceress had pale skin, scruffy blonde hair with pink and purple streaks, and electric-blue eyes. “I have missed our debates, Modius,” she said, catching her breath.

Modius had brown skin with golden patterns on it and his eyes were dark, washed with purple. He said, “I must erase all you have done, and it will take all my might. Your Chosen One has declared it to be so at whatever cost, and so be it. The cost is to have never existed.”

The Chosen One wondered what it would be like to have never existed, and he felt a horrifying sense of loss and sadness. He had become attached to his new clan, and there were some wonderful things about the Alliance. There was so much potential. To lose it all would be devastating.

“Modius, this is my greatest work, my strongest magic, do not erase it. There must be another way,” the Mad Sorceress pleaded.

Modius sat cross legged with the back of his palms on his knees, his back perfectly straight, eyes closed. “There is one other way,” he said, calmly. “It will require more than our strongest magic combined and deerkind will need to work tirelessly to amplify it.”

“What is this other way?” the Mad Sorceress said. “We will make it so.”

“There is a place where your deerkind can live in harmony, and should they reach too far, I am sure they will pay the price,” the sorcerer Modius said, full of wisdom and power. “The Elderworld.”

“You are wonderfully wise, Modius,” the Mad Sorceress said, cackling. “The Elderworld.”

“There is much work to be done,” Modius said. He strolled forward and morphed into an eagle and flew away.

The Mad Sorceress said, “You must unite the clans once more, Chosen One.” She strolled to the spot from which Modius had taken off.  “The Alliance is going to need as much magic as it can possibly muster.” She took a deep breath and disappeared.


King Wisdom advised The Chosen One that the warmongering clans of the Alliance had taken over Moonstone and that their armies had become well trained and strong. So, they planted the seeds of rebellion.

Moonstone had lost its cheer and the sense of optimism that it once had. There was tension at every corner, lurking in every shadow. The warmongering clans barged through the streets and filled the pubs like they owned the place, while the other clans avoided trouble by keeping their heads down and doing as they were told.

There were dissenters in Moonstone who were desperate to stand up to the warmongering clans, and guided by King Wisdom and The Chosen One, they began building the rebellion. Secret tunnels were made so rebels and resources could pass in and out of Moonstone undetected.

Makers and Conjurers combined their skills to craft enchanted armour and weapons that were light and strong. They called themselves the Chosen Army, and at dawn, one foggy morning, they marched upon Moonstone. The Chosen Army waited quietly, concealed by the thick white fog.

The Chosen One walked to Moonstone’s gates alone. Archers had aimed their arrows at him, ready for King Courage’s command. Courage, Ferocity, Ruthless, and Cunning looked down at him, smirking from the walls.

“I do not want trouble, so I propose a council meeting, like the old times.”

“You are nothing here, Chosen One,” Ferocity said. “Leave, or die by a hundred arrows.”

“I will not leave here, and you will talk, Ferocity. This matter is life and death for all of us, so put your selfishness aside for one moment and do what is right for the whole Alliance.”

Queen Ferocity laughed and laughed, and it annoyed The Chosen One, but he kept calm. He raised his hand, signalling for the Chosen Army to advance. Enchanted-armoured birds circled Moonstone, and those upon the walls looked up with surprise. Through the fog, a row of rebels appeared and stood behind The Chosen One.

“A hundred deerkind and a couple of birds with fancy armour,” Ferocity laughed ferociously, “You really are a fool, Chosen One. You have no idea how our might has grown since you stopped meddling with our plans.”

“You have always been the fool, Ferocity,” The Chosen One said, as scores of enchanted-armoured animals joined the ranks behind him, and more and more birds began circling Moonstone. The Royals and guards upon Moonstone’s walls gasped and the gates opened.

As The Chosen One walked to the Royal courts, the peaceful clans cheered and clapped, welcoming him from the streets and peering out of their windows. He smiled and nodded at them.

The air at the council meeting was tense. The Chosen One had the warmongering clans on the back foot and they did not like it at all. Yet, they still took every opportunity to heckle and jibe at him, but he could sense hesitation in them.

He told them of Modius and the Alliance’s ultimatum: help Modius muster enough magic to take them to the Elderworld or be erased.

King Cunning said, “You are making this up because you do not believe in our vision for a better world for the Alliance. We will not stand for it. If you are telling the truth, summon the Mad Sorceress now.”

“You have seen the gift that the Mad Sorceress has given me, why must you all persist in your denial of the obvious?”

“And why must you persist with games and half-truths?” King Cunning said. “Summon her, it is that simple.”

I need you to show yourself, please, they do not believe me.

The Mad Sorceress gave no response, and the council waited, all eyes on The Chosen One; and there was an excruciating silence until King Cunning said, “You see, all lies.”

The Chosen One was embarrassed and frustrated. Why do you do this to me? Why?

There was no answer.  

“Clan Domence will begin gathering lorestones and training all Conjurers who wish to aid The Chosen One. He is telling the truth, I saw her with my own eyes, and the powerful sorcerer, Modius. If we do not muster enough magic to get to the Elderworld, we will all be erased,” King Wisdom said. “We need the help of every deer we have.”

Queen Vitality stood, vibrant with flowers and jewels, and animals around her. “Vitegrity will aid Domence,” she said.

“As will Airesty,” King Fairness said.

“And Lovour,” Queen Humour said.

The Chosen One felt a sense of hope and excitement as the Royal Court filled with chatter.

“I will not allow it,” Queen Ferocity said. “The Chosen One could have proven himself and the existence of this Mad Sorceress. It is clear he has brainwashed you all.” She drew her sword, leapt across the table. Swung at The Chosen One.  

He turned away from the blow.  

Metal clashed with metal. The Mad Sorceress had appeared in her human form. She had defended Queen Ferocity’s blow with a staff and sent her crashing across the table. The council gasped.

“I have no time for your petty politics,” the Mad Sorceress said. “All my efforts are going into saving you from extinction.” She transformed into a shabby white owl and flew away. Her staff landed on the table, perfectly placed in front of The Chosen One.

The staff was made of some kind of whitish bone with soft maroon lines running up and down its length. It was long and carved with swirling shoots running toward the tip, and at its end the swirls converged and wrapped around a milky, smoky white orb, and formed a point. An unknown language was inscribed in the bone.

The Chosen One picked up the staff and held it in the air. A strange force swirled in the orb, and it glowed with a pure white light. “Let us find our place in the Elderworld,” he said.


Bitter, Ferocunn left Moonstone and continued their war with the humans. The rest of the Alliance worked tirelessly to save themselves from being eradicated by Modius. They gathered lorestones day and night, and King Wisdom trained Conjurers every waking hour. The Chosen One practiced his conjuring too, his magical powers were developing fast.

More magic, more, we need more, the Mad Sorceress said every day. And day upon day went by and the Alliance grew exhausted, but they pushed and pushed to muster enough magic. And it was never enough.

One day, King Wisdom gathered Conjurers around the Stone Circle. He said, “Kalence and The Chosen One, I want you to engage in a friendly duel, a display of your skill. All the Conjurers can learn by studying your ways.”

Kalence was one of King Wisdom’s strongest and most loyal Conjurers. She had helped him organise much of the rebellion, keeping things in order when King Wisdom had been outside of Moonstone.

The Chosen One and Kalence stepped into the Stone Circle. The tall rocks hummed with mysterious power. King Wisdom stood in between them with his staff held high, and he bowed toward Kalence and toward The Chosen One, and they bowed back. King Wisdom lowered his staff and moved out their way.

Kalence whispered an incantation. The Chosen One had become calmer and more confident in himself. He had reunited all but one clan, he had learned to form the Anaekin bond with other animals, and he had learned powerful magic. He decided to let Kalence reveal her move first. She slammed her staff on the ground.

A grey, murky wind came from a stone arch behind her, swirling into a tornado moving toward the Chosen One. He hit the ground with his staff and conjured lumio glacies. An ice barrier crept around him, thick and solid, glowing with an ethereal light. It was quiet and airy inside the barrier. The tornado hit the ice and its power and momentum weakened until it disappeared. Kalence bowed and so did The Chosen One, ready for the next round.

A loud, bellowing laugh interrupted them. King Ruthless strolled through the crowd as Conjurers parted for him. He said, “It is all well and good having them play these games, Wisdom, but you know that they will never unleash their true power until they know how to conjure amongst blood and battle, faced with the fragility of their own mortality.”

“One’s potential does not always concern his ability to perform in battle, Ruthless,” King Wisdom said.

“You stifle these mighty Conjurers, keeping them too safe. Watch.” King Ruthless was wearing his full armour, decorated with the skulls, bones and other trinkets of his enemies. He gestured for Kalence to move out of the stone circle. “The Chosen One and I will duel.”

Before King Wisdom could say anything, Ruthless bowed to The Chosen One and made a swirling motion with his hand. A deep blue aura seeped from his antlers, and a dark shadow swirled from the stone arch beside him. The air became ice cold and it felt as if the life of the world was being sucked into the shadow.

He is strong. That shadow is from a dark realm so disconnected from here, the Mad Sorceress said. Vita lumio is one of the only counters within your grasp.

I cannot summon vita lumio, I’ve tried.

You must. The shadow will pull you into its realm and you will never get back. Focus.

The shadow was close. He could feel the dark, monstrous place it was trying to suck him into. He raised his staff and cleared his mind. Vita lumio. Nothing.

Focus. Channel it. All your might.

The crowd of Conjurers around the Stone Circle gasped as the shadow began to expand and wrap around The Chosen One. He could feel only an empty, cold darkness, and he was being dragged, deeper and deeper, loosing himself more and more.

With what little of himself he had left, he put all his intent and focus on the orb of his staff and roared, “Vita lumio.” A bright white light beamed, expelling the shadow back through the stone arch it had come from; King Ruthless was repelled by the force of the light, swept off his feet and bashed against a stone pillar. Everyone cheered and clapped.


As The Chosen One developed his bond with his clan of creatures, he could speak to them from further and further away. He had asked some wolves and birds to follow clan Ferocunn’s war. Ferocunn had gone far into the north, battling the wild humans in the cold hills. This was too far for The Chosen One to communicate directly, so the creatures would relay messages by foot and air to Willow, who would inform The Chosen One with mind talk.

Willow said, Humans gathering with clan Ferocunn. Many warriors. No fighting. Just talking.

The Chosen One could see through Willow’s eyes as she moved through a woods in the midlands, following Gohey the hawk who had relayed messages from further north. Strange, The Chosen One thought. Tell me what they do next. He was unsure what this could mean, and it was disconcerting.

To the Mad Sorceress, he said, Are we ready yet? I fear our time is running out.

Do you know what it takes to transport a settlement and thousands of lifeforces from one dimension to another? We need more magic.

Come and tell me about this Elderworld, we do not know what kind of a place it is, or even if it is worth this blood, sweat and tears?

Fine, she said, and her shabby owl form swooped down and hit the floor in front of him in her usual ungraceful fashion. “The Elderworld is one of the most diverse places suited for life like yours in all the worlds that I have yet encountered. There you will find witches and giants and goblins and the Igammorah, and the Desasmork and humans and aeries and elves and dwarves and thousands of other creatures. Your kind will find a much better balance there, much better lives.”

“And why do you call it the Elderworld?”

“It is said that the world was formed by some of the eldest forces in existence, the Elders, of course. The Elders are said to have achieved near ultimate power, much beyond that of Modius. They take pride in creating and manipulating worlds as I have done here. Of course, they have millennia of wisdom more than I, so their worlds find much better harmony much earlier on. The Elderworld is still in its First Age and is a wonderful place indeed. I admire it every time I go there. So much magic, so much power, so much life, so much energy. What a place! she said, and she picked at a feather with her beak. The Anaekin bond I induced in you was a magic from the Elderworld, made by the Elders.”

“Was also the Magic of All the Ages?”

“No, that is my own work. My greatest work. I do not want to see it destroyed. You cannot conjure something like that twice.” She stretched her impressive, tatty wingspan out and then settled again. “I must go. Modius is calling me.” She flapped her wings and flew away.


The Chosen One was helping Citizens of the Alliance bury lorestones around the Stone Circle. With the help of the Makers, they had dug a deep trench, using ladders and frames to navigate its depths. They were packing the lorestones deep into the ground to amplify the magic of the Stone Circle. The lorestones vibrated gently, humming with power. Every deer was exhausted and the uncertainty about the Elderworld and the magic needed to get them there was making the atmosphere tense.

King Glutton stood at the top of the trench eating a bowl of sweet and juicy fruits, doing what seemed like his best at encouraging workers here and there. When he could take his mind off the food, he would tell them what a good job they were doing, with a little grunt and snort every now and then. King Love walked the depths of the trench giving tired workers little packs of bread and water. Queen Humour followed him chatting to them and making jokes, lightening the mood.

The humans and clan Ferocunn are pack now. They’re coming, Willow said.

The Chosen One was tired and ready to give up, but he maintained a brave face for those who still had hope. He felt as if the news of Ferocunn marching to Moonstone with the humans might be the last straw. Moonstone would have to prepare for battle. Do Cunning and Ferocity know no limits at all? he thought.

A town meeting was called and everyone who wished to attend was welcome, not just the council of Politicals and Royals.

The Chosen One did not want to have to tell them about Ferocunn and the humans. He took a deep breath and in a strong voice, he said, “I am reluctant to bring you unfortunate news, yet I must.”

All eyes were on The Chosen One, and the gazes were heavy and defeated.

“Ferocunn marches south joined by a human army.”

Gasps and groans and shock and despair filled the air.

“Now do not panic, we are stronger than we have ever been,’ The Chosen One said.

“And what of the Elderworld? What will Modius and the Mad Sorceress do with us when they see us in the depths of blood and battle once again? I bet they will eradicate us.” King Glutton said slouched on his chair with his arm around Queen Desire. Desire was dressed in the most sumptuous silks.

More gasps and groans, more despair.

“Do not fear,” The Chosen One said. “We will come up with a plan to ensure Ferocunn does not attack.” The Chosen One was not convinced that anything could stop Ferocunn from their bloodlust. He wanted to calm the atmosphere, yet he was most worried.


Moonstone was buzzing with powerful magic emanating from the lorestones buried around the Stone Circle, and the space between each arch glowed. King Courage was commanding a taskforce in preparing Moonstone to defend against Ferocunn’s army. The remaining inhabitants of Moonstone were gathering more lorestones as fast as they could.

One day, Modius and the Mad Sorceress appeared in the middle of the Stone Circle. They sat facing each other, silently.

“Is it time?” The Chosen One said.

“The magic of Moonstone is strong,” Modius said. “Yet we will not know if there is enough magic here until we have already begun. Your conjurers must direct their power to the arches, and every other deer must continue gathering lorestones. I will communicate through the Mad Sorceress. Do not disturb me.”

“What happens if we never conjure enough magic?” The Chosen One said.

“Some realms of magic are a mystery to all but the Elders. I do not know where or in what form we will find ourselves if my magic fails.”

The Mad Sorceress laughed wildly.

Modius turned his palms up and rested them gently on his knees, closed his eyes and began whispering an incantation. A light breeze flowed from his lips to the arches.

The Mad Sorceress began whispering an incantation with different words to Modius, yet with a rhythm that fit perfectly. The air moving between the sorcerers and the arches became stronger and warmer. She said to The Chosen One, Tell your Conjurers to gather around us and learn my words. Continue gathering lorestones.

How long will the magic take? Ferocunn and the humans will be at Moonstone’s walls within days.

There is no way of knowing until we are already there

Conjurers began learning the incantation and amplifying the magic. The air flowing from Modius’ lips to the arches began to show streams of faint white light.

This is good. We need more Conjurers. To the Elderworld we go, the Mad Sorceress said.

We need Conjurers to protect Moonstone. Some of them are helping with the mining of lorestones, too. This is all we can spare.

We need more Conjurers, she said.

More and more Conjurers joined the Mad Sorceress and Modius in creating the magic needed to move Moonstone. All the Royals with conjuring powers joined the effort. The energy flowing from Modius into the arches became stronger and brighter and colours began to form in the light. All manner of hues of purples, reds, blues, greens, yellows, and many others, flowed with the bright white streams. The sun was setting behind a grey sky, casting a sombre and eerie shadow over the land.

Should I help? The Chosen One said.

No, you lead. Keep things in order there. Danger lingers.

Those words gave The Chosen One a chill. And as if the chill was a premonition, Keeling the bird said, In the Wildwood. Humans attack your kind.

They can’t be here already! The Chosen One saw through Keeling’s eyes, a scuffle of humans with bows and throwing spears. Knights protecting the Citizens and Makers and lorestones. He felt their blood, screams and fear as if they were his blood, his fear.

King Courage took a small force to save those being attacked in the Wildwood. He returned with several dead and many injured, yet they had saved many more. He said, “It is becoming too dangerous to gather the lorestones. And when Ferocunn’s army arrives, we will not be able to leave the walls.”

“We have the tunnels made during the rebellion,” The Chosen One said. “We have no choice.”

King Courage nodded. “How far is the main force?”

“They will be here within a day,” The Chosen One said, seeing through Willow’s eyes and nose as she stalked Ferocunn.

“I will ready the Knights for battle. How many Conjurers can we spare?”

None! the Mad Sorceress hissed.

“None,” The Chosen One said.

“What is the point in gathering magic to transport Moonstone if the whole settlement and all inside burn?”

“We must hold Ferocunn off until Modius’ magic is successful, at all costs,” The Chosen One said.

Overnight, the magic intensified. A beam of light so bright it hurt the eyes flowed from Modius to the arches, and from the arches the light soared into the vast black sky, into the stars and beyond.

Surely that is enough magic, I have never felt something so powerful, The Chosen One said.

And yet we are still here, The Mad Sorceress said. We need more lorestones.

As Ferocunn’s army approached, Moonstone’s gates were locked and the gathering of lorestones became an intricate process through the tunnels built during the rebellion. The output was much, much slower and The Chosen One feared it would become even more treacherous once the battle had begun. The Knights would be needed for battle and the Makers for repairing defences. That would leave the Citizens in dangerous lands without protection. If Ferocunn found them, they would be helpless.

The warning bells of Moonstone rang for the first time since the Siege. From the walls, The Chosen One and Courage watched specs of fire flood over the horizon. It was like history was repeating itself, and The Chosen One wondered if life was just a series of events that repeated themselves in slightly different ways.

We create our own destiny.

The Chosen One had no answer. He thought maybe his animal clan could pick Ferocunn’s army off at the flanks while they attacked the walls. But he did not want to send them into bloodshed. He thought that maybe they could hold Ferocunn off until the magic was strong enough. But how long would that be? Not even the powerful sorcerer Modius knew.

Yet there are some things we cannot control.

The army was through the Wildwood and the Mellow Meadow and setting up camp. From the eyes of his birds, The Chosen One followed Queen Ferocity and King Cunning, who looked awfully proud of themselves as they left the camp with a party of giants and some humans on horseback. The party approached the walls.

Queen Ferocity said, “You stood here once with an army and took Moonstone from me.”

“Leave us, Ferocity,” The Chosen One shouted. “We will be gone to the Elderworld before you know it.”

Ferocity and Cunning laughed. “Chosen One, you have always been a source of intrigue to us.”

The air was thick, and the tension could be cut with a knife. The whole of Moonstone was silent except for the whispered incantations around the Stone Circle and the buzzing beaming power from the arches.

“We have not come to fight, Chosen One,” King Cunning said. “The humans want us gone more than anything else on this earth, they have come to help us leave.”

“I fear your lies,” The Chosen One said. “What of the attacks in the Wildwood?”

“We know nothing of attacks in the Wildwood,” Cunning said.

Ferocity said, “We have an army of humans who have come to help us. Will you just stand there the whole time?”

The humans are here to help, I feel their sentiment, the Mad Sorceress said. Now sit with me, Chosen One, and begin your magic.

For a moment, every creature in Moonstone was struck with confusion. And then they laughed, and they cheered, and they got to work in amplifying Modius’ magic.

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