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Earn passive income from fantasy product sales with Stag Alliance NFTs

Written by
Jimmi Sandham

Thanks to work we’ve been doing with a leading crypto legal and professional services firm, we’re hyped to say our NFT holders can earn income from our fantasy product sales.

This is revolutionary on many levels. If you want a deep dive, read an extended article here. If you’re solely interested in the passive income, this article’s for you.

Why our passive income is different to most others

Most projects offer ‘passive income’ via staking for a token they minted out of thin air. It’s not sustainable, and it’s likely to damage the value of the NFT in the long run. Read the economic value section of this article to learn why.

In 2024 we’re releasing real world fantasy products in the form of books, audio books, eBooks, audio streaming services, an online game, and collectables. These fantasy products can generate sustainable economic value in the form of real income. Our NFTs can earn passive income from the sales of those products.

Passive income sources:

We’re exploring a range of viable income sources, including:

  • Fantasy Novels in print
  • eBooks
  • Audio books
  • mints
  • Audio streaming services
  • Collectables (digital and physical)
  • In-game purchases
  • NFT mints
  • Royalties from NFT secondary sales
  • Merch
  • and much more as the ecosystem grows

Stag Alliance NFT and Portal Pass holders can earn from these income sources.

Vault rewards

You can claim vault rewards at the Bank of Moonstone. We’ll be stocking the vaults with $ADA and NFTs purchased with income generated from our fantasy products (above). The more income the products earn, the more $ADA and NFTs the vaults can be filled with. Vault Rewards will be paid to those who have earned Prestige (PSTG) at the Bank of Moonstone. Read on to learn more.

Earn passive income with Stag Alliance and Portal Pass NFTs in 3 steps

  1. First, you’ll need to stake your Stag Alliance and Portal Pass NFTs at the Bank of Moonstone (coming Q1 2024)
  2. You’ll earn Prestige (PSTG) points each season
  3. Higher tier NFTs get more PSTG
  4. The longer you stake, the more PSTG you get
  5. You can make PSTG promises to boost your rewards
  6. The more PSTG you have, the more $ADA you’ll get when you claim at the end of the season
  7. The first season will commence in 2024; join our Discord to stay up-to-date

Incredible, isn’t it. Real world value captured by an NFT. When people say NFTs and crypto aren’t backed by anything, they’re often right. But we’re one of the projects changing the game. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We highly recommend you read our Vision Paper and our value-capture article to get to the depths of this epic opportunity.