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Introducing the Elderworld

Written by
Jimmi Sandham

The Elderworld is a fantasy universe bustling with awesome and extraordinary things. Imagine lands ruled by witches and giants; deerfolk battling humans; caverns gleaming with dwarven gold; ethereal forests touched by floating aerie; goblin pirates roaming the treacherous seas; the Desasmork lurking in the dark shadows; and countless other delights in a world of immense beauty and magic.

Think of the Elderworld as something similar to the Marvel universe, or the Lord of the Rings. There are many characters, stories, and lore about these places. They are multi-billion franchises. There are games, movies, books, comics, merch, collectables, and so many more great products.

Our goal is to make the Elderworld as well known as those worlds. The Stag Alliance NFTS are a genesis collection of the Elderworld. We’re confident fantasy lovers will enjoy stories of a mad sorceress transfiguring deer into a humanoid form.

The marvellous diversity of the Elderworld also means we can introduce new characters, creatures, places and things and continually expand as the brand grows and demand grows.