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Enter the Portal Events

Written by
Jimmi Sandham

These events will be a fun and competitive demonstration of the gamified platform we’re building. The first EP event is scheduled to launch in Q1 2024. A full set of instructions and info will be released before the event.

All events will give our NFT holding community members opportunities to gain rare collectible NFTs and play, test and feedback on the game. Everyone wants to be early to the best opportunities in web3 and gaming, and we firmly believe this is one of them.

EP1: The Old Dwarven Mines of Ormyndryth

The first EP event is an insight into the mining, smelting and forging element of our game. It features rhythm-based mini games for players. Players can mine ores, refine them into ingots and craft swords for the Old Dwarven king of Ormyndryth.

The event will last one month, with new challenges each week.

There are two game modes. The first is a story-based tutorial showing players how to craft items.

The second challenges players to craft as many items as they can and tribute them to the Old Dwarven king to earn his favour. Every time you tribute a sword to the king, every one of your NFTs will earn favour. The more favour your NFTs have, the better chance you have of winning epic prizes.

NFTs get spirit. Spirit = more plays

Stag Alliance and Portal Pass NFTs give you spirit every day. Spirit is like energy, you need it to mine, smelt, and forge. Make sure you use it, or you’ll lose it.

  1. Daily base: 80
  2. Basic stag: 20
  3. Special Character: 35
  4. Green Portal Pass: 50
  5. Magenta Portal Pass: 100
  6. Royal stag: 100

Everyone gets an epic prize for playing

Those who complete an EP event will gain an in-game item or NFT collectable prize of varying rarity.

The rarest prizes will be highly collectable NFTs.

All prizes earned in the EP events will be limited edition. As our player base grows over time, they can become some of the rarest collectables in the Elderworld.

Compete for better prizes

Once you’ve completed the tutorial story mode, you can craft items for the king and each of your NFTs earns favour points, which are lottery tickets for the rarest pool of prizes.

Who can play in the EP events?

For each event, a batch of Portal Passes will be chosen by their portal number. The portal numbers chosen will be eligible for the event specified.

Each Stag NFT has a trait called ‘portal number’. If it matches one of the portal numbers chosen for the event, that stag is also eligible to enter the event.

Portal numbers will be chosen and the information released closer to the event.

Future EP events

As our gamified ecosystem evolves, we’ll launch more EP events to demo and test new features of the game.

We intend for EP2 to relate to combat-based gameplay and EP3 to relate to magic-based gameplay, but this can change with community feedback and the evolution of the project.